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Our SG Heritage Plan is an action plan for the next five years of Singapore’s heritage sector (2018 – 2022). Our goal is to preserve and celebrate our shared heritage as Singaporeans.

There are three main ways we will go about doing so:


Articulate the value and importance of heritage for Singaporeans, especially its role in connecting communities, strengthening identity and belonging, and improving our quality of life.


Take stock of our heritage efforts in the past few years, highlighting the good work that has been done, but also noting the gaps that have yet to be addressed.


Share our plans for the road ahead, so that people know of the efforts being made and how they can get involved.

What Singaporeans can look forward to:

  1. Greater Accessibility at Museums and Cultural Institutions

    Our museums and heritage spaces will be made more accessible to visitors from diverse backgrounds. For example, we will be engaging special needs groups in the consultation and co-creation of programmes, and we will improve capabilities of museum professionals to support the visits and learning needs of these groups.

  2. Safeguarding of our Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)

    We will be documenting and researching on ICH to better understand our intangible cultural heritage forms, and to build up a rich resource of Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage for wider access. We will also be working on schemes to provide greater recognition and support for ICH practitioners.

  3. Partnering Communities

    We intend to strengthen our partnerships with communities, heritage groups and volunteers, and encourage greater ownership of the preservation and promotion of Singapore’s heritage. We will be exploring more ways to empower our partners through the co-curation of heritage content, providing resources to support more ground-up projects, and working with volunteers and donors in giving back to the community through heritage.

  4. Improving Archaeological Frameworks

    We will be strengthening our laws and frameworks to protect our archaeological heritage, and partnering the community and experts to better conduct archaeology so as to convey a fuller picture of Singapore’s history.