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Kueh Appreciation Day
Demonstration workshop at Kueh Appreciation Day 2017. Image courtesy: Slow Food (Singapore)

Singapore’s Kueh Appreciation Day takes place in July every year and celebrates our local culinary heritage. During the event, Singaporeans can sample and buy local snacks, including Hakka abacus seeds, sugee cake and kueh salat, and attend workshops by specialist kueh makers. This event is part of the STB’s Singapore Food Festival, which recognises our culinary talents and includes events that celebrate our vibrant culinary cultures.

Kueh Appreciation Day is organised by Slow Food (Singapore), a non-profit community organisation that promotes gastronomic heritage in Singapore. A champion of local food heritage, Slow Food (Singapore) also runs the Heritage Hero Awards which recognise food businesses that play a part in promoting our culinary heritage. Past awardees include local bakeries that produce traditional kueh, cakes and pastries, as well as restaurants whose cuisines reflect the identities of their respective ethnic communities.