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I feel that intergenerational engagements are key in both promoting and safe guarding our heritage. Interest amongst the young must be piqued through new forms of media tools and the wealth of our heritage (traditions, stories, recipes, etc.) lies in our older generation whom we should actively engage to share/inspire. Bringing these groups together on a common platform is key!

Amanda May De Souza
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Have TV programmes and shows about our heritage and culture. Incorporate these values in our daily lives through education. Have events and promotions to attract Singaporeans to participate in the events that are educational.

Yi Ting

Encourage families to try projects at home such as creating their own time capsules, providing journals that have helpful Q&A for the elders to fill in and to leave as an heirloom for their offspring and their kids. Have a website that we can log a ‘life story’ in. Family/kids can later access the story by logging in with their NRIC and password.

Geraldine Ta

Work with local arts and design institutions to elevate the sense of identity for Singapore and Singaporeans through academic projects. In turn, it educates the next generation about art and design heritage while creating stories to be told.


It will be great if there is a hawker centre that sells heritage food such as satay, popiah, etc. As well as traditional pastries. It can be known as “Heritage Hawker Centre”. This hawker centre can be opened at every new town such as Hougang, Punggol and Bishan. This will enable children to learn about the unique food that we have in Singapore.

Mr Tan

Safeguarding and promoting our heritage should definitely include the younger generation, through education or even through social media platforms. Stories, which are usually more captivating, could be shared through short videos. Besides, interactive exhibitions could be held at public spaces, or even at schools – places where people would frequently go to.