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Life on Pulau Ubin

A site of rich history and natural heritage, Pulau Ubin was previously a hive of economic activities, which included granite quarrying, and farming. Today, Ubin serves as a distinctive reminder of Singapore’s history and cultural heritage. To sensitively enhance the natural environment of Pulau Ubin, and to keep its heritage and rustic charm alive for future generations of Singaporeans, the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced The Ubin Project in March 2014.

Supporting The Ubin Project is a group of stakeholders called the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN), comprising naturalists, heritage experts, sports enthusiasts, researchers, residents, students and various volunteer groups. In partnership with government agencies such as the MND, NHB, Urban Redevelopment Authority and National Parks Board, these volunteers brainstormed and developed new ideas and initiatives for the island.

Life on Pulau Ubin

Over the years, FUN has also created new opportunities for the wider community to contribute to the enhancement of the island’s natural environment and living heritage. Some of the efforts to retain Ubin’s heritage include a cultural mapping project documenting the memories of Ubin’s residents, the annual Pesta Ubin festival organised by the community, and a multi-year effort to restore Ubin’s kampong houses.

With the concerted efforts of the community in partnership with the various agencies, future generations can continue to enjoy Pulau Ubin’s rich history and biodiversity.