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Poll #001
Do you and your family practise any kinds of Intangible Cultural Heritage?
Yes 76%
No 24%
Poll #002
Do you think that it is important that we continue to conduct archaeological digs in Singapore?
Yes 93%
No 7%
Poll #003
Do you feel there are sufficient opportunities for you or your community to contribute to the promotion of heritage?
Yes 42%
No 58%
Poll #004
Do our museums and their collections help you to understand Singapore’s history better?
Yes 83%
No 17%
Poll #005
To me, heritage means:
Knowing the story of how Singapore came to be 40%
Old buildings and places, and the stories they hold 53%
Museums and the treasures they present 28%
Our culture (e.g., food, folktales, traditional performing arts, social practices, festivals 77%
Poll #006
Heritage is important to me because:
It helps me to understand my identity as a Singaporean 52%
It helps me to know my roots and where I come from 62%
Its values help to guide me or my children for the future 35%
It is relevant to my daily life 24%
Poll #007
I am open to participating more in heritage activities such as:
Going to a museum 52%
Attending a cultural festival 56%
Exploring a heritage trail or site 78%
Volunteering at a heritage event 35%
Poll #008
I would participate more in heritage activities if:
They are closer to my home or workplace 43%
There are more activities for non-English speaking audiences 9%
They celebrate my family's or community’s heritage 35%
They feature aspects of our heritage I never knew about 81%
Poll #009
Which parts of our Intangible Cultural Heritage are important to you?
Folktales, myths and songs 42%
Social practices and festivals 71%
Traditional performing arts 46%
Knowledge of nature and the universe (e.g., fengshui) 26%
Traditional trades and crafts 62%
Food heritage 56%
Poll #010
What does a museum mean to you?
A source of inspiration 44%
A place to discover Singapore’s roots 63%
A place to discover Singapore’s place in the world 38%
A place to display our treasures 49%
A place for outings with family and friends 29%
A place for educating our young on heritage 56%
Poll #011
If you were in charge of the budget for Our SG Heritage Plan, what would you fund?
Community events (e.g., festivals) 53%
Heritage education programmes for students 50%
Skills building for heritage specialists 42%
Heritage research 57%
Archaeology 33%
Digital technology to engage more people about heritage 45%