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As part of a nationwide open call for digital creations on Hawker Culture, six local creatives were selected to develop an array of ideas celebrating the people, place and food that make up Hawker Culture in Singapore. 

Watch this space for more details of the project!

Hawker Boss by FTTG Media

Hawker Boss documents the life stories of dedicated hawkers in Singapore through a continuous series of short films. This project was birthed from a place of passion for Singapore’s Hawker Culture. In 5 minutes, we get to know our Hawkers intimately as they share their stories of dedication. While listening to their stories, we see the process of cooking Singapore’s favourite dishes from start to finish.

Chomp Chomp by In the Wild

Welcome to NHB Hawker Centre where a three-course meal awaits. Chomp to the falling ingredients to form a complete dish and challenge your friends to see who’s steady enough to eat three full courses and who goes hungry! #ThankYouHawkers

Thank You Hawker AR Filter by Gowaaa

Show your love and appreciation for Singapore’s hawkers by taking a photo with a message delivered by an animated version of the iconic hawker centre table!

“A to Z” Makan Tour by Ron Low

The“A to Z” Makan Tour is a series of photo stories depicting Singapore’s hawker culture by photographer Ron Low. From traditional and popular multicultural hawker food, to historical and fun facts behind hawker centres, as well as behind-the-scenes stories about hawkers, this photo series brings one on a tour to appreciate Singapore’s hawker culture – the people, place and food, and celebrates this unique culture and integral part of our heritage.

DEEP SOUND MAP: HAWKERS by Vanessa Ng and Chia Yaim Chong

DEEP SOUND MAP: HAWKERS is an audio-based project by Vanessa Ng and Chia Yaim Chong that seeks to recreate and celebrate the everyday sounds of Singapore, starting with the familiar and iconic sounds of the hawker centre. The kopitiam experience is delivered through a series of three audio tracks, each an immersive sound map distinct in texture – from an early morning roadside coffee to a rushed lunch hour in the heart of the lion city.

NOMSH by Junior Art Lab

Combining adorable animals with witty hawker themed wordplay and puns, NOMSH is a collection of 10 lovable characters with your favourite hawker delights – from delectable desserts such as ‘Chendol’ and ‘Ice Kacang’ to our delicious drinks such as ‘The Tarik’ and ‘Milo Dinosaur’.