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A Singapore Government Agency Website

The NAS houses a treasure trove of audio-visual materials which include the first commercial sound recordings made in Singapore in 1903, the first parliamentary debates of an independent Singapore in 1965, National Day Rallies from 1966 and entertainment programmes (such as the 1976 “Talentime”).

To listen to a slice of history, people can make use of the NAS’ Oral History collection. This contains interviews with people who have played important roles in the history of Singapore, or experienced events or developments that have shaped our nation. These recordings are often used in exhibitions at the museums for their ability to capture feelings, thoughts and emotions.

To date, 4,500 interviews have been conducted with individuals who played roles in areas such as politics, World War II and the arts. Some 3,000 of these recordings can be heard online, including interviews with Singapore’s Chief Minister David Marshall, pioneer artist Liu Kang and war heroine Elizabeth Choy, just to name a few.

The NAS also holds collections of many other types of archival materials including photographs and maps, historical building plans of National Monuments, posters, and archival documents on Singapore from overseas. Many of these treasures are accessible at the Archives Online website (