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In 2014, the late Mrs Suna Kanga had an idea to write a book about the Parsi community in Singapore. A Parsi descendent herself, she wanted to raise awareness about the small and little-known community, and to celebrate its history, culture and cuisine. Through NHB’s Heritage Grant Scheme, the book was published and launched in April 2017.

Titled The Parsis of Singapore: History, Culture and Cuisine, it tells the story of the community, who are descendants of Persians who moved to India in the 8th century from present-day Iran. It highlights the history of the community from the first record of the Parsis in Singapore, to the pioneers and families after whom our streets and buildings are named, including Parsi Road in Singapore’s Central Business District and the Mistri Wing of the Singapore General Hospital, which was named after the late soft-drink tycoon Mr Navroji Mistri.

The book also looks at the social and religious culture, and practices of the community who are of the Zoroastrian faith, as well as traditional dishes which are a unique blend of Persian, Indian and British influences.