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What is Our SG Heritage Plan

Our SG Heritage Plan is the first master plan for Singapore’s heritage and museum sector which outlines the broad strategies and initiatives for the sector over the next five years (2018 to 2022) and beyond.

These strategies and initiatives will help raise awareness and pride in our heritage, and in what makes us Singaporean. They will also help us in strengthening our identity, improving our quality of life, and fostering our sense of belonging.

In developing the plan, we have taken stock of our past heritage efforts, engaged our stakeholders and members of the public on their views, and incorporated their suggestions.

Our SG Heritage Plan is a snapshot of the road ahead, and a reflection of our commitment toward the safeguarding of Singapore’s heritage. We invite everyone to join us on this journey, and work with us to protect and promote our heritage, and leave a legacy for future generations.



Our Vision

Our rich and multicultural heritage anchors our Singaporean identity.

We aspire to create a cohesive society where we value and engage with our heritage.

This makes us proud of our nation and our connections to the world, taking us confidently into the future.



Overview of the Four Pillars

Our SG Heritage Plan is divided into four pillars, each covering an area of Singapore’s heritage.

Icon Our Places

Our Places 

Our places where we live, work and play in hold many shared memories, and we must care for them so that our stories can be shared with future generations.

Icon Our Culture 3

Our Cultures 

Our traditions and way of life are what make us a multicultural Singapore, and we must cherish these so that they will live on.

Icon Our Treasures 3

Our Treasures

Our museums and their collections tell the story of Singapore, Asia and the world, and enable us to discover more about ourselves and the world we live in.

Icon Our Community

Our Communities

Our heritage that binds us is the legacy we share, and we can each play a part in shaping it.

We are now sharing the recommended strategies and initiatives to seek further public feedback.


We are committed to refining and tracking the effectiveness of the plan’s strategies and initiatives throughout the five years. At the end of 2022, we will again seek public feedback as we work towards co-developing the next version of Our SG Heritage Plan with our key stakeholders and with all Singaporeans.